A selection of reviews and testimonials from happy patients:

From Facebook:

“Dr. Strickland is fantastic. Very compassionate and kind. Reminds me of way back when Doctors spent time with their patients. He has helped my entire family.”

“Dr Strickland listens. He spends time with his patients. His goal is assist you to achieve overall health and wellness. I personally would recommend his service.

I have been on holistic meds for several months now, and I am noticing a difference. I wanted to give the natural approach to my health a try, and to achieve complete healing. I am pleased with where we are as a team (patient and Doctor) by working together. So, if you are searching for that right fit for a Doctor. My recommendation would be Dr Strickland.”

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In person:

“I suffered from severe migraines for 17 years. I would have 4-5 per week and couldn’t exercise because they would be triggered. I had every type of test done and had seen all the specialist medical doctors. Six weeks after seeing Dr. Strickland they were reduced to one per week and now they are gone. I’ve gone for a bike ride for the first time in 15 years. The treatment was truly life changing.” – Ashley H


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