Naturopathic Medicine

Finding the root cause

Naturopathic doctors are the leaders in integrative medicine. All naturopathic doctors are required to attend a 4 year, in person, licensed naturopathic medical school that includes at least two years of clinical work and preceptorships. These schools have the same basic science classes that medical doctors have (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, etc..). Naturopathic doctors are trained in pharmaceuticals, minor surgery, and modern medical diagnostic techniques like lab testing and the many forms of imaging (X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, etc..)They are also trained in many things that medical doctors are not – nutrition, counseling, botanical medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, mind-body medicine, and more. This results in a much more integrative approach to healthcare then a conventionally trained doctor would provide.

After graduation naturopathic doctors must pass 2 sets of board exams before being licensed, and are subject to the same ethical standards as medical doctors. They work with other medical professionals when necessary, referring patients to (and receiving patients from) conventional medical doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare providers. Naturopathic doctors are trained as primary care providers with a focus on integrative, holistic care.

Dr. Strickland is trained in IV therapy, pharmaceuticals, diet and nutrient therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, counseling, and naturopathic physical medicine including adjustments and hydrotherapy. He is also trained as a primary care provider which includes the administration of vaccines, performance of annual exams, minor surgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Because Legislation is pending in North Carolina to license Naturopathic Doctors, he operates within the scope of this state.

The six principles of naturopathic medicine include:

  • First do no harm (Primum non nocere) – The role of the physician is to help the patient heal and all care should be given to not cause any harm.
  • The healing power of nature (Vis medicatrix nature) – At a fundamental level everybody wants to feel well, and it is up to the physician to help support that process.
  • Treat the cause (Tolle causam) – Finding the underlying root cause of illness is the fundamental goal verses just treating symptoms.
  • Treat the whole person (Tolle totum) – A patient is not just a symptom or a set of symptoms. Treatments are focused on taking everything about that person into account.
  • The Physician is a Teacher (Docere) – It’s the duty of a physician to help explain to the patient what he/she thinks is causing
  • Prevention is the best “cure” (Praevenire) – Keeping people well is the best cure.

Currently Naturopathic Doctors are licensed in 17 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Because there isn’t licensure yet in North Carolina, Dr. Strickland keeps his license in Vermont.


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