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A doctor who listens

The story about how I became a doctor has many twists and turns, but has its roots in my own experience with the medical system.

When I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with a bad case of what the doctor thought was a stomach flu. When I didn’t get better, the diagnosis was changed to Giardia. After months of taking ineffective drugs, and with further testing, I received the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune disease that can affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract, from the mouth, down to the small and large intestine.

Around that time, I started vigorously studying health. I learned what I intuitively knew, that diet does matter. (I later found out that most M.D.’s have zero hours of training in diet and nutrition – no wonder they didn’t think it mattered!) I started learning about nutrition and fermented foods, herbal and energetic medicine, and made big changes to my lifestyle. These changes lead to big improvements. I still had no idea that there was a science-based system of medicine that would encompass all the things I was learning and more, things that I knew to be true about health.

A doctor who cares

Fast forward 6 years. I decided to seek care from a local woman who was a naturopathic doctor. I didn’t know what a naturopathic doctor was, but for me it was worth a visit to find a provider that could help, even if they had a funny title. It turned out to be a pivotal moment. It was the first time I ever felt genuinely listened to by a doctor. We spent over 2 hours talking about my health condition, and I could tell she was intelligent, well educated, and grounded in a scientific understanding of disease. It was a completely different medical experience. This was how medicine should be practiced.

Within six months after that first visit, I had moved across the country to Seattle, Washington to start studying naturopathic medicine.

After 5 years of rigorous study, that included 3 years of clinical experience, I graduated as a naturopathic doctor and moved back to North Carolina to start my practice. My clinical experience included acting in the role as a primary care provider including performance of annual exams, managment and prescription of pharmaceuticals and natural therapies, and minor surgery when required.

The way I practice has been shaped by my personal experience in the medical system. When you see me, you will be listened to.

I bring to you my personal experience living with an autoimmune disease, my educational experience as a science-based holistic doctor, and my clinical experience – having studied with some of the best holistic doctors in America and having helped many patients, to help you find the path to true health.

Dr. Matthew W.A. Strickland, N.D.


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Dr. Matthew Strickland, N.D.

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